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Driveway and patio repairs at Total Driveways
Cleaned driveways at Total Driveways
Driveway and patio paving repairs at Total Driveways

Driveway Repairs and Patio Repairs

Here at Total Driveways we receive calls daily for a wide range of driveway repair problems, anything from a sunken driveway through to Patio slabs that are lifting. All our pavers are time served and more than equipped of handling your paving headaches. So whether it’s a drainage problem, an edging problem or any other paving queries give us a call or drop us an email, one of our highly trained estimators will be happy to take a look.

Total Driveways have specialist driveway repairs and patio repairs teams available at reasonable prices.

Driveway repairs and block paving repairs

Patio and driveway repairs and cleaning at Total Driveways

There can be many reasons that cause block paving to sink. But do not panic just yet - unless the block paving has a serious structural fault it can be repaired without any real problems. In our experience the majority of block paving sinking is caused when sand erodes from the joints. This leads to loss of interlock within the paving system, resulting in slight movement which will gradually cause sinking. The erosion of the sand filled joints can be either man-made or natural brought about by weather, incorrect gradient and drainage or pressure washing.

On a driveway repair project that is starting to sink the day to day use of a car driving over the same paving can cause tracks to appear in the paving. Below is how it can be rectified:

  • First the block paving in the affected area is lifted and cleaned of anything stuck to the blocks
  • Sharpe sand is used to fill the hollows in the block paving bed, the new sand is completely compacted to ensure the problem does not re-occur. The bed is then screeded flat, free from dips and hollows
  • The block paving is then re-laid, compact, and fully resanded
"Having had issues with sinking on both our driveway & garden patio we had no choice but to call someone in. We are so glad we called you. Both the drive & the garden patio look brand new, thanks so much Mr and Mrs Robinson, Sedgefield, County Durham"

Patio repairs and patio maintenance - Common problems with old Patio Paving

Patio and driveway repairs and cleaning at Total Driveways

Over the years any area including patio’s can start to look their age, maybe they need a good clean and a few maintenance repairs but they can easily be given a new lease of life. If your flags are uneven they can be relayed or if your patio has empty joints and is getting weeds these can be professionally cleaned and the joints re-pointed.

We are experienced in all forms of Patio's and Patio repairs so come and pick our brains!

When arriving at this job, our estimator found a range of common problems associated with patio’s over ten year old. The Patio flags were all uneven, the block paving around the steps were very loose and very dangerous, the customer had previously cleaned the area themselves leaving streaky lines common with DIY power washers and had not replaced any of the joints when previously cleaning. This had contributed to the uneven flags and the need for patio repairs

We set about lifting and relaying the flags so they were all re based and relayed evenly and without movement, the block paving around the steps were reset and the whole area was professionally cleaned and the joints re-sanded. All at a fraction of the cost of renewing the area.

For the following repairs just give us a call.

  • Drainage (Patio or Drive)
  • Kerbs or Retainment
  • Manhole Covers
  • Steps
  • Wall Re-pointing
  • Sinking Paving